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About us

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m Nigel Wheatley, and I’m the owner, chief translator, accountant, secretary and general dogsbody of Vis Verborum Translation Services.

I originally trained as a chemist in the UK, gaining my PhD from the University of Essex in 1997. An EU grant allowed me to spend two years in Toulouse in the South-West of France, and I also had postdoctoral positions in the Netherlands and Switzerland. Returning to France in 2001, I taught chemistry and physics at university and high-school level.

Personal attachments took me to Catalonia in 2007, to a small town about 60 km inland from Barcelona. From here, I ran a small general translation business and an equally small literary agency. Moving back to the UK in 2011, I set up Vis Verborum, initially as a general translation business but now increasingly specialised in medical, pharmaceutical and scientific translations.

Through Vis Verborum, I offer a full range of translation services from French Spanish and Catalan into English. I can also arrange for translations between other language pairs, and offer consultancy on your wider translation needs.

I’m helped in all of this by a network of colleagues across four continents (and counting), all of them ISO 17100-qualified translators. A good translation needs four eyes to look at it, so it’s best not to be alone. On the same basis, I’m always willing to accept work from other translators or from translation agencies.

I hope you’ll find the information you’re looking for on this site but, if not, please don’t hesitate to contact me.