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Translators’ Corner

If you are another translator or a translation agency wanting a translation or an ISO 17100 revision doing, please contact me.

If you are a translator who’d like to join the team at Vis Verborum, please bear in mind the points below:

  • I only work with translators who are translating into their native language and who fulfil the requirements of ISO 17100 for qualified translators. This means that you must: either have a degree or other recognised professional qualification in translation; or have a degree in another subject and two years’ experience of translation; or have five years’ experience of translation.
  • I prefer to work with translators who have a profile at proz.com and/or translatorscafe.com, so if you don’t have a profile, or if it’s not up to date, why not sort that out now – it’s free, after all!
  • I prefer to work with translators whose professional qualifications have been verified by a third party such as a professional association or the team at proz.com. This gives me and my clients more security than if I verify your qualifications myself.
  • My usual Terms and Conditions are the Institute of Translation & Interpreting Recommended Model General Terms of Business for Commissioned Translation Work (copy available on request), but I am willing to consider other terms (for example, the model T&Cs of your national translators’ association).
  • Any personal data you provide to me may be stored by me. It will only be used for the purposes of commissioning translation work for my clients and, except as provided for here, it will not be transmitted to any other person except as required by law. If I commission translation work from you on behalf of a client, your name, and any information appearing in your public profile at proz.com and/or translatorscafe.com, may be transmitted to my client.
  • I wish I had enough work to pass some out to everyone who sent me a CV, but I don’t, sorry. Vis Verborum is only a very small company, and I do most of the work myself. Still, I’d rather read your CV now than wade through twenty quotes while the clock is ticking on the deadline.

If you’re still interested, please send your CV to nigel@visverborum.com.